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2021.10.11 11:21 . 2021.10.11 13:53 2021.10.11 21:36 20 Personal gain Find your friends in book form and save this book, your friends on Instagram. .sons of liberty, vol. 3 no. 1 aug. 1933 nts of liberty, vol. 3 no. 1 aug. 1933 no. 1 august a rage for order, for "bourgeois security", a passion for "the more perfect union" seem now to have preceded the inevitable collapse of the Republic. One can only reflect sadly and doubt seriously on the fate of the beautiful but flawed old nation which some have called "the torch-bearer of freedom". A great Republic has to hold its own flame a little longer. Any more light and it would be extinguished. The bourgeoisie of the U.S.A. is today an organization of big business which has discovered that its future cannot be secured by the maintenance of a democratic government for its citizenry. The ruling class of U.S.A. appears to have realized long ago that it is becoming impotent and that it is necessary to dismantle the power of the working class as quickly as possible before it is possible for this class to organize a revolutionary movement to demand its rights. This development, which has begun in America, can hardly be confined to that country. It is a logical outcome of the general processes which have been at work throughout Europe since the middle of the nineteenth century. This process culminated in the great economic crisis of 1929, which is still affecting and suffering countries all over the world. This crisis shook the whole social and economic structure of Europe and created a new situation for the working class. The trade union movement, the working class parties and the parties of the bourgeoisie, were divided. Some of them were outraged by the crisis, like the Socialists, who tried to protect their political power by reactionary means. Others, like the Christian-Democrats, were in favour of a new alliance with the big bourgeoisies and therefore with the reactionaries. These parties of the middle class saw their future in the immediate interest of the bourgeoisie. The more they acted in this way the more they undermin be359ba680

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